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VG to PG Ratio:70/30  


Brewno - Coffee Need a boost to get you through the rest of the day? Awaken your taste buds with a dark and bold double espresso vape. Brewed with finest dark roast robusta beans.

Chill Brew - Cooling, Coffee Beat the heat with a refreshing Chill Brew! A drip coffee brewed with bold dark roast excelsa beans, poured over a cup ice. 

Good Morning - Coffee Rise and shine with a GOOD MORNING! A medium roast of Arabica beans matched with 2 sugars and 2 creams is a must for coffee and vape lovers to start the day. 

Java Mint - Peppermint, Coffee It's a Holiday all year round with our Java Mint flavour! A festive take on a classic medium roast, complimented by cocoa and peppermint.

Labezza - Hazelnut, Coffee Treat yourself to a labezza brew to perfectly end the long day. A creamy latte with a touch of hazelnut, made with a rich medium roast of liberica beans.