Craving Vapor - HexOhm 3.0 - Black

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The Godfather of all boxmods returns with a major overhaul. New chipset, new case, new features - now’s a better time than ever to own an American Made icon. 

Craving Vapor HexOhm 3.0

The HexOhm is a true vaping icon by vaping pioneers Craving Vapor. With all new, redesigned internals and a fresh, sleek look, this mod is an amazing overhaul of the HexOhm vaping experience.

The 3.0 has had multiple essential upgrades, including the development of a proprietary chipset capable of handling 30 amps and a massive 180watt output, a 10 second cutoff timer and master on/off switch. 

The case is now constructed from Ultem, a high durability polymer with a stunning finish and great heat resistance. The magnet connections are now hidden in the door for a sleeker, more stylish look. The Hexohm feels and looks better than ever. 

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  • US Made
  • 180 Watts: massive 30amp handling for the true cloud lover
  • Protection: proprietary chipset prevents battery damage
  • Master on/off: Ensures no accidental firing when not in use
  • Utrim construction: ultra solid, perfectly formed and durable ultra-slick finish.
  • Solid brass spring-loaded contacts: high efficiency low loss energy transfer
  • Spring loaded 510 connection: Reliably connects to your atomiser every time