Craving Vapor - HexOhm 3.0 - Sriracha - Limited Edition

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Things are about to get spicy! Get fired up the HexOhm 3.0 Sriracha edition, featuring a bold engraved design inspired by the classic Sriracha logo and a color the exact shade of your favorite spicy topping. The latest iteration of the HexOhm box mod by Craving Vapor. The HexOhm 3.0 features an upgraded board that can fire up to 180 watts at 30 amps, and it adds notable safety features including low-voltage protection, a 10-second automatic cutoff, and a master on/off switch. The body has also been improved, with an aluminum chassis and solid brass connectors. These improvements make the HexOhm 3.0 a formidable box mod for the serious vaper.