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PG/VG Ratio: 30/70 PG/VG


Yellow Pear - A fantastic e-liquid flavoured with sweet and juicy yellow pears and a kick of cooling. Hands down the best pear e-liquid yet.

Grape - An authentic mix of grapes and is ideal for those looking for a pure grape experience. It has no chemical taste and has a delicious cool low mint exhale!

Cocktail - A true cocktail of tropical fruits, the fizzy blend of lychee mango and peach with that all important cool mint touch.

Loka - Try our legendary signature Fizzy Loka flavour with its unique touch of fizziness blended with a low cooling sensation.

Orange - Enjoy this delicious citrus Orange blended with low mint on a hot summer day, some even say that is remarkably similar to the international beverage Fanta!  

Bully - For those that love an ice cold red bull drinking experience, try our Fizzy ice blended low cooling sensation Fizzy Bully flavour.