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Salt Nicotine 30ml

Loaded E-Liquid from Ruthless Vapor has been around longer than most brands in the business, simply because of the fact that vapers cannot get enough of their exquisite flavours. Now that pod mods have taken over the vaping world, this brand has released an incredible line of nic salts that vapers everywhere fans can satisfy their needs. Loaded Salts provides their most popular flavours that have been enhanced with pure, potent salt-based nicotine for extra vaping satisfaction.

If you’ve been an E-Juice connoisseur for a while, you know that Loaded E-Liquid has won awards for Glazed Donut and Cran Apple Juice. Fans will be pleased to know that you can now indulge in these flavours and more while getting the perfect dose of nicotine salts!

So, whether you’re looking for a sugar rush or a refreshing fruity treat while you vape, Loaded Salts has exactly what you need.