RELX Infinity Pods

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2-packed pods for RELX Infinity

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Fresh Red
This is a simple watermelon flavor, with a bit of mint at the background. It is not overly sweet and, outside of the cooling part, it is a very balanced flavor. I really enjoyed this one. It’s very refreshing and a great summer vape.

Tangy Purple
Grape with a hint of mint

Raspy Ruby
This is a straight forward minty raspberry flavor and one of the least complex flavors of the collection. I am not a huge fan of raspberry vapes, but I kinda liked this one. I just found it a bit too floral for my taste.

Ludou Ice
Asian desert with the main ingredient being mung bean. 

Hawaiian Sunshine
Pineapple + Mint

Forest Gems
Berry Mix with a hint of mint

Garden’s Heart
It’s a cooled strawberry milk flavor

Dark Sparkle
Cola flavour with the right amount of cooling, which makes it feel kinda fizzy too.