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Fresh Red
This is a simple watermelon flavor, with a bit of mint at the background. It is not overly sweet and, outside of the cooling part, it is a very balanced flavor. I really enjoyed this one. It’s very refreshing and a great summer vape.

Tangy Purple
Grape with a hint of mint

Raspy Ruby
This is a straight forward minty raspberry flavor and one of the least complex flavors of the collection. I am not a huge fan of raspberry vapes, but I kinda liked this one. I just found it a bit too floral for my taste.

Ludou Ice
Asian desert with the main ingredient being mung bean. 

Hawaiian Sunshine
Pineapple + Mint

Forest Gems
Berry Mix with a hint of mint

Dark Sparkle
Cola flavour with the right amount of cooling, which makes it feel kinda fizzy too.

Orange Sparkle
Orange flavor and Sparkling water combination

Golden Slice
Fresh mango jelly flavor with mint

Orchard Rounds 
Fresh summer peach with mint

Garden Hearts (Strawberry) 
Icy Strawberry Vape Perfect For the summer.

Golden Tobacco  
Rich Cheese Roast Tobacco.

Blue Gems   
Delicious iced Blueberry

Jasmine Green Tea
Cold rich Green tea flavor, with a touch of light Jasmine tea. Matchaaa?

Purple Snow
Iced Taro Ice cream, doesn't get better than this.

Grape Apple *New Release
Delicious Grape with twisted apples.

Pineapple Passionfruit * New Release

Mango Orange * New Release