Rope Cut Salts

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PG/VG Ratio: 50/50 PG/VG
Salt Nicotine

Loose Canon
Let yourself loose with this skillful blend of nuts and tobacco, rounded out with a creamy caramel flavour, now with salt nicotine!

Dark Thirty
True to its name. Dark Thirty is a masterful example of what a tobacco flavour should be. Rope Cut added hints of rum and dried prunes to their full-bodied tobacco base. Dark Thirty is an incredibly refined and smooth flavour that is perfect for 30 minutes after midnight.

A Smooth Tobacco undertone combined with hints of smooth Custard. The smooth custard notes are perfectly balanced with the famous rich Rope Cut tobacco base, for a lighter, creamy vape that is nothing short of delicious!

Vanilla infused tobacco with notes of toasted almonds