Best Disposable Vapes 2023

Best Disposable Vapes 2023

A disposable vape pen is the perfect entry point if you are interested in starting your vaping journey. A disposable vape pen contains pre-filled flavour pods and a battery which is activated when you take a draw, and all you have to do is choose a flavour (or two) you like to unwrap and enjoy. 

A disposable vape pen will offer the easiest vaping experience, and no complex steps are involved. You can just pick one up and start vaping right away, although there are many options available, and you may feel overwhelmed in this regard. 

To make things easier, the experts at Royal Vape Kitsilano have created a guide to walk you through the best disposable vapes. We want to give you an easy starting point, and whether you are considering switching to smoke-free living or are already living a vaping life, disposable vapes are a great place to start.

The following are some of the best disposable vapes you will find:


1. Allo

If you are looking for more puffs and incredible flavours, Allo is the perfect brand because its flavours are known for being both consistent and high quality. In addition to delicious flavourings, you will also enjoy an elevated experience because the high-quality mesh coil and smart chipset provide consistently smooth flavour and great vapour production. You will enjoy a long-lasting battery and excellent craftsmanship because Allo vapes are built with style and comfort. 


2. Air Bar

This leading disposable vape brand is available in a wide range of device types and vape flavours, and you will enjoy a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and high-quality vape juice. Air bars are available in different nicotine strengths, which is perfect for those who wish to lower their nicotine consumption.


3. Yoho

This is one of the best and biggest brands of disposable vapes, and you will always get flavour, quality and value you can depend on. Yoho delivers top quality and great-tasting flavours while providing premium and powerful devices to provide clients with consistent longevity and high flavour performance. 


4. Monster Bar

A disposable vape pen by Monster Bar will provide a high-powered battery and more than 3000 puffs! They are available in more than thirty flavours that are true to taste, and the device itself is sleek, convenient, and very easy to carry, making it perfect for anyone on the go. This vape device will satisfy all your vaping needs because it will provide you with a powerful draw that offers lots of vapour. 


Our team is ready to answer all your questions regarding disposable vape pens, including how many puffs you can expect. This answer will vary, and we will discuss such details when walking you through our selection of disposables. We offer the best products, and you can rely on our vape shop if you are looking for quality brands. 

Whether you are searching for a vape store near me in Vancouver, need vape pods, Allo disposable vape, STLTH pods or a disposable vape pen, you can visit us anytime. Our team will help create the best vaping experience, and we can start your journey today!