Flavors Under Attack: The Battle to Keep Vaping Alive!

Flavors Under Attack: The Battle to Keep Vaping Alive!

We've been keeping a close eye on Canada's vape scene, and recent developments have got us on high alert. In 2021, over 20,000 Canadians stood up against a Health Canada proposal that threatened to strip all vape flavors except for Tobacco and Mint/Menthol from the market.

Initially, we had hope. We thought Health Canada was hearing us, understanding how flavors keep people off cigarettes. But guess what? Our hopes went up in smoke.

What's the deal?

Enter Mark Holland, the Minister of Health and ex-Heart and Stroke employee. After pressure from his pals, he declared war on flavors, claiming adults don't need them to quit smoking. He wants to decide what flavors we get to enjoy.

But we're not buying it! Flavors aren't just a preference; they're vital to vaping's success as a quitting tool. Flavors make vaping fun, encouraging smokers to switch to a safer alternative. Removing flavors won't just hurt us vapers; it's a blow to public health!

Why are flavors a big deal?

Flavors are the secret sauce in helping smokers ditch the habit. Many smokers can't stand the taste of tobacco, and it's flavors that keep them hooked on vaping instead. Whether it's fruity, dessert, or beverage flavors, each one offers a unique experience that helps smokers kick the habit.

And it's not just about fun; it's about staying smoke-free! Flavors make vaping more enjoyable than smoking, helping ex-smokers stay off cigarettes. They keep the cravings at bay and make quitting for good a reality.

So, what can we do about it?

It's time to make some noise! We need to make sure Minister Holland, our MPs, and the Minister of Mental Health and Addiction know that flavors are non-negotiable. They're keeping 1.8 million Canadians smoke-free!

Here's your battle plan:

Use the link here to voice your concern now!

💬 Contact Your MP: Reach out to your Member of Parliament and tell them why flavors matter. Share your story and how flavors have helped you or someone you know quit smoking.

📣 Spread the Word: Share the benefits of flavors on social media and in your community. Let's educate everyone about how crucial flavors are for public health.

Join the Fight: Get involved with R4V and other advocacy groups fighting for vapers' rights. Together, we're stronger!

🔍 Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date on Canada's vaping regulations. Knowledge is power, and staying informed helps us fight smarter.

Support R4V, we're all about standing up for vapers' rights and promoting harm reduction. Let's unite and fight for the flavors that keep Canadians smoke-free! 🌬💨