PAX Era Pro: Your Ultimate Guide

PAX Era Pro: Your Ultimate Guide



New User Guide for the PAX Era Pro

Introduction: Welcome to the world of the PAX Era Pro, the latest upgrade to the popular PAX Era vaporizer. This device is designed to elevate your vaping experience with its innovative features and enhanced functionality, making it a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts.

Slim and Portable Design: The PAX Era Pro boasts a slim and portable design, making it ideal for vaping on the go. With its powerful 280mAh battery and USB-C charging port, you'll always have the power you need, wherever you are.

Enhanced Automation: Gone are the days of complicated settings and buttons. The PAX Era Pro features enhanced automation, allowing you to vape with ease. Simply shake the device lightly to cycle through four preset temperature settings: 520°F, 610°F, 700°F, or 790°F. The four-petal LED display provides clear indication of your chosen mode or battery level, while haptic feedback confirms your actions.

Bluetooth Connectivity and App Control: Take control of your vaping experience with the PAX Mobile Application for Android. Connect via Bluetooth to precisely adjust the temperature for optimal flavor or use Session Control to manage dosing size. Plus, enjoy some fun mini-games to enhance your vaping sessions.

PAXSmart™ Pods for Enhanced Experience: Experience the next level of vaping with PAXSmart™ pods. Identified by a red band around the oil cartridge, these pods offer advanced features such as Expert Temp™ and Pod Memory. NFC connectivity ensures automatic temperature adjustment to the manufacturer's recommended setting and remembers your custom settings for each concentrate strain.

Getting Started:

  1. Charge your PAX Era Pro using the included USB-C cable.
  2. Download the PAX Mobile Application from the Google Play Store.
  3. Follow the app instructions to pair your device via Bluetooth.
  4. Insert a PAXSmart™ pod into the device. (Note: Pod not included in the kit)
  5. Shake the device lightly to activate and select your desired temperature setting.
  6. Enjoy your vaping experience!

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