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American Weigh Scales AWS 650 Blade Scale

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ABOUT American Weigh Scales AWS 650 BLADE SCALE™

The AWS Blade Scale™ is the original pocket scale with a retractable backlit display. Featuring a slim, compact design and three-key operation, this scale is engineered with a 650-gram capacity and a 0.1-gram resolution. The Blade Scale is equipped with an extra-large expansion tray that can accommodate materials and small tools.


  • 3-Key Operation
  • 650 g Capacity
  • 0.1 g Resolution
  • Reads In g, oz, ozt, & dwt
  • 3–5 Second Stabilization Time
  • Retractable Backlit Display
  • Sleek, Compact design
  • 2 Expansion Tray Sizes
  • Easy-To-Clean, Stainless Steel Surface