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VEEV NOW (formerly known as VEEBA) is a ready-to-use disposable vape.

  • Up to 400 puffs* per device
  • No cleaning, no charging, no refilling


Vaping Experience:
Fruit, Citrus, Cooling
Up to 400 Puffs*
2mL E-Liquid
1.8% (20mg/mL) Nic Salts
280mAh Battery

VEEBA is a new disposable vape that currently offers 9 amazing flavours ranging from fruit, mint, tobacco and even fruit iced. VEEBA has 2mls of e-liquid with 20mg/mL of nicotine salts and a 280mAh battery. VEEBA delivers up to 350 puffs of vapor with a tight auto draw.

More VEEBA Flavours:

Gold: apple, orange , Cooling

Blue Mint: Minty, Creamy, Cooling

Green: Apple, Sour

Yellow: Apple , Watermelon, Minty

Classic Tobacco: Tobacco, Toasted, Dark

Coral Pink: watermelon, melon, Cooling

Mauve: Blueberry, strawberry, Cooling

Indiblue: Blueberry, pomegranate, Creamy

Red: Dragonfruit, Strawberry, Cooling

VEEBA Features
Dimensions: 115 x 17.9 x 9.4mm
Weight: 20.5g
E-Liquid Capacity: 2mL
Nicotine Salts: 1.8% (20mg/mL)
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Up to 400 Puffs
Draw Activated