10 Best STLTH Flavours

10 Best STLTH Flavours

STLTH pod systems are great because they provide access to a large variety of flavours, all setup and ready to go in original and genuine pods. Options are great, but this can make the selection process a little confusing. While there is no bad STLTH pod, there are favourites, and the following are known as the best STLTH flavours:


1. Frost

STLTH’s Frost e-liquid pod packs allow you to experience both peppermint and spearmint, and you no longer have to choose between these two flavours. You will get peppermint flavour when inhaled, followed by a cool blast of spearmint on the way out, and you will likely not find a better menthol-flavoured e-liquid than this. 


2. Honeydew Menthol

You will get to enjoy the cool comfort of menthol with the addition of honeydew which adds a subtly sweet note of fruity flavour. If you like fruity vape juices and menthol all at the same time, this flavour is perfect for you.

3. Savage Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon

STLTH does not settle for one fruit flavour, and this one will provide you with three bold fruity tastes. You will get to enjoy robust strawberry, quirky kiwi and delicious watermelon as all three come together to create a flavour that is quite mouth-watering.

4. Berry Blast

This is another fruity offering that blends together different exotic berries for a deep and delicious taste. You will taste notes of strawberry, raspberry and more and will love this juice combination.

5. Tobacco Blend

Tobacco e-juices have a tendency to be too subtle or too bold, and STLTH has managed to get it right with their smooth and rich medium-strength blend. You will enjoy a deep and robust taste with the perfect amount of sweetness and will enjoy this luxurious offering.


6. Blue Raspberry

The thought of blue raspberries provides many people with fond childhood memories of snow cones and bright blue stains on their tongues, and this e-juice will allow you to experience all of those fun memories without any of the food colourings. 

7. Savage Rocket

This blend contains blue raspberry and cherry flavouring along with a dash of menthol to provide you with a cool and fruity sensation. It has a very sour taste which is why it is called “Savage Rocket,” and one hit will send your whole mouth to a new planet. 

8. Fruitbae Raspberry Apple

This, too, is a very sour blend that is the result of a collaboration between STLTH and e-liquid makers Fruitbae. You can expect a big and bold flavour that will burst in your mouth.

9. Banana Ice

If you like banana splits or snow cones, you will enjoy this flavour which is both refreshing and decadent. You will appreciate its big taste and clean finish and be pleasantly surprised at how well a tropical flavour like banana goes with cool menthol.

10. Tundra Berry

This is a unique flavour that uses menthol to finish off a blend of different berries to provide you with a crisp and cool undertone flavour. You will enjoy a mouth-watering vape experience that will conjure the vibes of blackberry bushes in spring.


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