ALLO Products FAQ

ALLO Products FAQ

 Quitting smoking is essential, but the process can be both frustrating and challenging. It’s not easy to let go of this habit but switching to vaping is a great start because you will still get the nicotine, and ALLO makes this transition easier. 

It’s natural to have questions regarding our products and the process, and the following guide will provide you with all the answers you need:

Why should I choose ALLO products?

The ALLO device is perfect for beginner vapers because you won’t have to deal with coils, wattage or refilling your e-liquid. Many people consider vaping a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes, and ALLO products will make this switch easier, especially if you know what to expect. 

What is ALLO vapour?

This e-cigarette company aims to eliminate combustible cigarettes from the world.

Where is ALLO vapour based, and where are the devices and e-liquid designed and manufactured?

ALLO Vapour is based in Canada, and the devices and e-liquid are also designed in Canada. Manufacturing takes place in China.

What is the e-liquid made of?

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavour concentrate and variations of nicotine are all used to make e-liquid, and ALLO does not use Diacetyl. 

What is the difference between a closed pod and a disposable one?

The closed pod device contains two components; a pod and a vaping device. The device is easy to use, requires no manual replacement of coils, and is easily rechargeable with a USB-c cord. Additionally, ALLO's pods fit easily into the device, which allows for hassle-free assembly, and when the pod is empty, you can dispose of it and insert a new one.

ALLO Disposables are ready to use, and this is an all-in-one product with the e-liquid tank built directly into the device. This means no assembly is required, and this product is designed for one-time use and must be disposed of once empty. 

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